Kachori refers to the fried bread filled with lentils, soft and full of flavours. It is very different from the North Indian khasta kachori and every neighbourhood in Kolkata would have at least one signature kachori shops which the residents would swear by. The different kinds of kachori – hing, pithi, peas – each of which is accompanied by different preparations of potato curry- each shop having a very distinct way of preparing which sets them apart. A few shops, rather holes in the wall in the Marwari bastion of Barra bazar even serve the hot kachoris with a chick pea curry called kadhi – one bite of this inimitable combination of kachori, kadhi and a melange of sweet and sour chutneys is enough to transport you to the kitchens of the Rajasthani havelis. Wash down these goodies with a glass of Punjabi lassi or hot cardamom flavoured “cha” which is served at most of these kachori shops. Truly cosmopolitan food walk, isn’t it?

2 Hours