Who We Are

India Culinary Tours is India’s first exclusive food tourism platform, lending food and travel enthusiasts across the globe the opportunity to explore the vibrant gastronomical experience of India, by exploring the length and breadth of the country. True to its name, India Culinary Tours is a novel endeavor which seeks to bring various food programs under one single banner to enable food-lovers to have easy access to them without being dazed by the fragmented and cumbersome methods that exist in the sphere presently. India Culinary Tours was born as an offshoot of Delhi Food Walks, a bastion of Delhi’s food culture, a well-knit community for food-lovers to experience the vivid food heritage that Delhi had to offer.

We believe that our richest food culture lies in the lanes and bylanes of our cities, and deserve a platform for everyone to experience. Integration of such myriad tastes from across the country is a step in this direction. Our destinations include cities with a rich heritage of local cuisines, like Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Darjeeling, Kolkata and other. We aim to enrich a wholesome food experience for foodie-travelers through a plethora of food-related experiences; which include market visits, kitchen tours, food walks, cooking workshops and more. We dream to capture the unique culinary diversity present in the country for food-lovers to savor and relish as they delve into the heart and soul of Indian cuisine. The heart is heated up and the soul all spiced up, and we’re going to start serving soon.